Meet the Owner

Hey guys! My name is Dominique and I'm the proud owner of Eye Wonder Beauty. I've been developing Eye Wonder Beauty since the Winter of 2019 and am so glad it's finally here!

A fun fact about me is that my favorite flower is a sunflower! It truly radiates summertime, the Sun, positivity, and nature's beauty. 

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Why Eye Wonder Beauty?

I came up with the name Eye Wonder Beauty before I even thought about starting the brand! It came to me in 2019 and later that same year I made the logo for it. Even back then I knew that Eye Wonder Beauty would be special and would come when the moment was right.

Early 2020 I started researching and learning more about skincare. I wanted to learn more about natural skincare as I was developing a resistance to steroid creams. I started making my own products and found they really helped with my skin! I knew then I had to share my products with others. 

Finding skincare that works for chronic, sensitive skin can be hard. Eye Wonder Beauty's Mission Statement is focusing on helping those with skin conditions with simple, natural vegan products.