Made with Fine Pink Himalyan Salt and Lavender Oil, this scrub is perfect for a night of self-care as you detoxify and soften your skin.

Pink Himalayan Salt is an excellent detoxifier as it pulls toxins and bacteria from the skin while also gently exfoliating the skin. Pure Lavender Oil is added to this scrub to further relax the body, as well aid in helping reduce inflammation and dry patches on the skin.

Use this scrub at night to end your self-care routine with moisturized skin and improved relaxation.

Pink Dreams Body Scrub

    • Warm up jar with warm water - Do not get water inside ja
    • Use on body 2/3 times a week 
    • Best used after washing body
    • Rub into skin in circular motions to better exfoliate
  • Fine Pink Himalayan Salt, Sunflower OIl*, Lavender Oil, Vitamin E Oil